Misconceptions of massage therapy

What is the current and first thought that comes in your mind when you hear massage therapy? Is the thought hot stones, lavender, sensualness, chiropractors, or just a table? What do the words mean to you?

As I got my car towed a while back, the towman introduced himself and I, me. He took me and my car to the auto mechanic. He asked what I did for a living. I responded with the answer, massawordsherapist. All he said to that was that one place in TN got closed that he heard of. He gave the impression that he was unsure of the implications of that place. I said, “Yes, that place may not have been in the right practice but the laws are there to keep people safe and so that massage therapists can practice professionally. Also, some people think that massage therapy is something that it’s not, because of the examples that seldom places give.

It’s sad that I have to take up for my career. Misconceptions are that massage therapy is sensual somehow. That is not what it’s intended for, in the least bit. It pretty much goes hand in hand with chiropractors. It’s for relaxation but more than that, it’s for pain management and self-care.

Even my god children made a comment about the subject. They said that they wouldn’t want to be a massage therapist because it’s weird, especially if you’re a married therapist, which is what I am. They are 11 and 13 years old, and just said that it’s weird because the client isn’t dressed. I explained that the client is underneath a sheet and even a blanket, and that the client is draped with the sheet at all times. But from their perspective, that’s what they thought. I told them that massage therapy is to help with pain, exclusively back pain. I say that because it’s what we as massage therapists see the most.

I hope to clear up any misconceptions or concerns about massage therapy. There are laws in place to protect the public, and the purpose of it is to reduce pain and promote well-being.

Published by Ashleigh Moon

Hello, I am a massage therapist and I live in Gray, TN.. I love working with others and helping them on their healing journey.

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