To pamper or to reduce pain?

What is self care? Does it always involve pedicures.. Bubble baths… Even a meditation practice? Getting a massage? One can debate on if these activities are purely pampering or actually good for you.

The answer, my opinionated but experienced answer, is yes! All of the above activities, are considered self-care to me. Even if it’s to paint your toe nails…bathe in lavender or whatever floats your boat.. Some may say argue that self care is not all about “bubble baths” or.. “Lighting candles”. I say, “Heck with what others say.” Pampering yourslef ignites something in everyone that when practiced can perpetuate into healthy habits and such.

I know, as a massage therapist, I can talk about self-care all day.. When does practicing what I preach come into play? It’s pertinent to do. Even after my routine doctor visit today, I’m encouraged and inspired to do all of these things and more.

In a life where self-care can get put on the back burner.. I encourage you to take moments for yourself. Whether it’s for physical or mental health. Practice self-care. Reach inward, and start to focus on something inside of you that can use some nourishment. We all need this.

Published by Ashleigh Moon

Hello, I am a massage therapist and I live in Gray, TN.. I love working with others and helping them on their healing journey.

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