Relaxation and tension release

There are ones who are wound tight! Many of us, right? One of several reasons that one would be leery of getting a massage is that one has simply never had one before. Several people who have never had a massage before, are typically nervous, or have no idea what to expect during a massage. Always feel free to ask questions, or to even meet and get to know your therapist if this is a concern of yours.

Another reason that ones may be on the off side about getting a massage is that the one has had a past experience with it where it did not meet expectancies. This happens. It only means that you have not met the licensed massage therapist that’s right for you.

The benefits and and tension relief that massage therapy can provide are great. Some of the benefits are the following: breathing with more ease, stress is lessened, brings a relaxed state that also has clarity, and a more restful body. Singers can also find more vocal range from massage work performed on the neck.

We all know that massage therapy can loosen one’s muscles. Another aspect that is less known about is the spiritual benefit. Massage therapy relieves stress by loosening the muscle in which can hold emotions also! During a massage, have you ever felt strong or subtle emotions and you weren’t sure why? These are emotions releasing as the muscle relaxes, providing you with a more relaxed state of mind and body.

Massage therapy can have strong benefits that make it worth recieving one. I would be pleased to hear if this has cleared up any questions concerning massage therapy! If you are curious about receiving massage therapy or questions about anything else, email me, or comment below.

Life as a Licensed Massage Therapist

I’m going to introduce myself to you.  I’m pleased that you are considering me to be a massage therapist for your needs.

My name’s Ashleigh Moon. I have practiced massage therapy for 4 years now. I have leaned so much about the anatomy/ function of the human body, and how it releases energy. Energy could be pent up in one’s muscles. Throughout my career, I’ve seen how each body can differ in releasing this. Besides learning about the human body, I’ve learned much about myself. I discovered a love for helping to heal others’ pain; it is interesting as it is beneficial.

One main topic that i can inform you about are trigger points in the human body. This topic is useful to ones who are interested and would like to heal their pain and muscles in a natual way. Trigger points are “tight spots” found in the muscle that can inhibit the function of it, or interfere with one’s quality of life, and causing pain. There are common trigger points found in the length of the muscle. Most of these are already identified and documented and have specific pain patterns. They aren’t always found in the area of pain, and can radiate pain in other areas as well. These trigger points are painful, or sensitive areas that when pressed on can radiate discomfort- but this is the spot that can help to release the energy and pain that is causing the problem.

A note worth remembering is how important streching of the muscle is in conjunction with working out trigger points. If one is interested in healing the muscle, streching it will also help and allieviate pain and is also an important step in this. If you see a massage therapist, or are curious about going to one, streching is a key element to keep in mind while working with them or to keep the pain at bay.

These two components will help you on your journey to heal any aches and pains that you may have. There are a few self-care books that are available involving trigger point release. Some of these books also contain the recommended streches for the area that you are working on as well.

Take care and God bless you on this journey and in life!