Aromatherapy benefits, uses, and caution

Essential oils are important because of the benefits they provide. Many of these oils can be a antimicrobial, analgesic, stress-reliever, sleep inducer, and to even help relieve serious conditions such as shingles or poison ivy. Some oils can be used for alertness, backache, and to aid in balance. Indeed, a lot of these awesome oilsContinue reading “Aromatherapy benefits, uses, and caution”

Watch “Prenatal Massage Techniques – Relieving Pregnancy Pains” on YouTube

Prenatal and massage Many women wonder about receiving massage therapy during pregnancy. This can be really beneficial to an expecting mother. Because the mother is preparing so much for the newborn while hosting a bodily home for the little one, it’s especially important to take care of herself.         Massage therapy is another way to receiveContinue reading “Watch “Prenatal Massage Techniques – Relieving Pregnancy Pains” on YouTube”